Adverts – the Art of the 80s

Advertising was the biggest art form practiced in the eighties and nineties. And it was like the womb for many other disciplines like film, writing, music, and other Fine Arts. Salman Rushdie was an advertising copywriter for many years before he emerged with “The Midnight’s children” AR Rehman used to make advertising jingles before exploding on the music scene. Satyajit Ray was an Art Director in Calcutta, The list is endless. 

This phenomenon is very understandable because advertising involves everything. Even today its revenues drive Google, Facebook, Twitter, and thousands of other sites on the net.
Though the mediums have changed the concepts have remained the same over the years.

Even a city like Dubai earns a substantial amount of its revenue from advertising on billboards and other media. So will the cities and venues in the Metaverse.

It happens because the basic premise of advertising is reaching the audience, For which it needs a medium and content in the medium to attract and then persuade, to sell the product and service. Both Art and Advertising have exploded in their reach and impact.

In 2021, the number of unique mobile internet users stood at 4.32 billion, indicating that over 90 percent of the global internet population uses a mobile device to go online. This is a content-hungry world and no amount the information travels many times around the planet in a few minutes. Brands can be created or destroyed in a matter of days.

So is the case with art and artists. NFTs exploded in 2021 when a little-known 3d digital artist became an international sensation when he sold the collection of his 5000 digital works for 69 Million dollars in a single auction. How could that be, the whole world was amazed by the genre of NFT art and artists, became the hottest topic of media articles and discussions. Just twelve months later in 2022, the whole crypto world appears to crash into oblivion sparked by just a few failures in the Crypto world

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