The Anatomy of a HeArtist

For some unknown reason, I have always considered myself to be “heartist”, a hybrid word that I thought to have invented myself a couple of decades ago, to best describe and understand myself.

I was always being led with the heart, and usually, it took hold over better judgment or sense. Be it for creativity or decision-making with regard to important choices in life. It helped me come to terms with the outcome or result of those. Rationality and logic are good stabilizers of the thinking process, while the heart empowers emotional intelligence to take over.

I don’t go into anything lightly and that was a big proof. Right from my days in advertising, when the concept of emotions and empathy was overshadowed by the reason why the school of advertising creation, I would be biased to favor the heart-driven appeal. Because the emotional quality in every situation or expression is so important to me. Even today, everything I do, has a distinct mark of the feeling element, both during creation and its outcome.

Art Noor
Art Noor
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