Fly Forever

I remember having very vivid recurring dreams of me flying around. As I write this, I am reminded of Shams Tabrez who was the love and inspiration of Rumi. He was a Dervish in Sufi Islam. He used to fly, they say, [and it is] a beautiful paradigm. I saw a sketch of him, it was with him flying like an eagle, [described to us as] someone’s fantasy. I linked it to a vivid dream I’d had about flying – it happened four to five years ago, just in the sky, time is at dusk – and I take off and I am wondering in my dream how can I fly? Upon coming awake, I would wonder, about the technique I used in flying. It was very clear to me in the dream, that I started to become lighter and lighter and rose as a balloon does. slowly defying gravity.

In my half-asleep state, I would feel the eureka moment that I had discovered the secret of human flight, and all one has to do is to lighten oneself of the burdens we carry on shoulders. The weight of our ego and fears keep us tied to the ground.

Upon coming awake, I would be disappointed that I have to walk to the bathroom. Would have been nice to just float across the garden and make it rain in the garden outside. My plants would have been happier with the gentle dose of a nutritional shower, the first thing in the morning.

Later I landed up writing this –

“Grow the wings of love
With kind forgiveness
Open them with energy
Of the heart and soul
And Fly Forever

Art Noor
Art Noor
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