Getting High on Thinking

Noor’s reference to Edward de Bono’s books like the Six Thinking Hats, it is evident that Noor has changed hats throughout his trajectory. Right from running his own ad company and managing creative accounts with a team of fifty people, and then his role as an artist is turning towards solitude. It was as if the canvasses were designed to be the metaphoric walls that would keep everything outside, except that which was required to perform and excel in this highly focussed realm of painting. This provoked another series of questions in my mind, about Noor’s multidisciplinary art practice – which ranged from painting and sculpture to lighting up the tallest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa, with his paintings using the LED show that he crafted over many months of focussed effort. The first of which was where this diversity emerges from? Is it the love for variety or the desire to explore the unknown and untried? To this his one-word answer was, “Both”.

When I asked him to elaborate further on this, he said “I am curious to the extreme. In the sense that I want to know everything that crosses my path. and go looking for it if it doesn’t. Acquiring new knowledge is high for me. It builds newer perspectives on the old knowledge and keeps it fresh. I guess all this firing o the neurons in the brain and the activity kicks in the dopamine. I suspect. I get my high not by scrolling through the social media feed but by learning new things all time. Making the unknown, known and Known, unknown is one of the DaVinci principles, as extracted from his career as a multifaceted artist. The artist is a craftsman, without this fundamental premise of being a knowledge seeker and subsequently knowledge creator.” Melissa in Artologue

Art Noor
Art Noor
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