The Law of Change

The other day, I came across the title of this management book titled “Change Management” which has an interesting punch line, “Manage change before it manages you”. It really got me thinking, can we manage change? Really manage it? If something changes, then it does. What you can anyone do about it? What we can do at best is “Manage or adapt to those changes”. Since I haven’t read this book, nor intend to read it because most of the management strategies in the corporate world have become pretty obsolete and need to be revamped or changed totally. Much as they would like to think otherwise.

One law that doesn’t change is the law of change. Everything is constantly becoming something that it was not a few moments ago. At any point in time, there are galaxies, that come into being while others are swallowed by black holes or explosions. Why is the universe in such a flurry of transformation and change?

There must be some overwhelming need or reason, that we don’t know about as yet. We can’t do anything about our fast disappearing existence on this planet, except for solace that we are part of a grand plan and shall survive our physical limitations, one way or the other.

Art Noor
Art Noor
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