Learning & Unlearning

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.” Carl Jung

When you learn something tangible like a skill or specific knowledge, the process and outcome are easy to measure. If you can create that result, then you are successful. But if you are a learner on the spiritual path, you will be like a lost soul, without any solid ground to stand on or validate your journey.

Spiritual learning is motivated by the realization there is something beyond ourselves that influences and accounts for life events—an intangible that cannot completely be explained. For many, this is the work of God or the mysterious sources of all creation. For others it is the work of the unexplainable “Universe;” and for others, it is simply an unexplainable paradigm, which mustn’t be touched upon.

In my second phase of life, my targeted achievements had been more inwardly, than out worldly success, which one is so enamored by in the earlier stages of life. The first inning was more external and visible, for myself and others to see. In the second one, my only reference point is within me. If I can learn to adapt to a new way of being and seeing the world. without a care for how I would be perceived as or thought of. I could only have progressed to this state of being after having experienced the first one without much care and thought of image projection and object referral point of view.

” While in the object-referral we are always influenced by objects outside the Self, which include situations, circumstances, people, and things. In the process, we are constantly seeking the approval of others. Our thinking and our behavior, are always in anticipation of a response, and that can make us fearful and needy for the approval and validation of others, to the extent that our own validation is dependent upon other people’s approval or acceptance.”

The only thing I can measure, within myself after two decades of discipline is a sense of peace and calm, which can’t be attained by any material possession or means to happiness. It’s not a state of ecstasy, or enlightenment, as some gurus would like to promise. It’s the resolution of conflicts and unnecessary desires from the heart and filling it with gratitude for whoever you are without judgments. And one gets no medals or certificates to prove or display it.

But the story of evolution and learning doesn’t end there. Currently, in my third phase, I am moving towards the synthesis of the two. I mean, the first phase was more driven and pushed to do more. The second one was more passive and focused on the spiritual. In this third one, I have a stronger sense of enduring self-discipline and a more selfless attitude. I relate better to the mysterious as the co-creator, and source of inspiration and manifestation. The philosophy of Karma in India teaches just that. To work without much thought or desire for the reward.

Time and experiences changes everything, including the learning which comes your way. Once you learn your lessons you are never given the problems in those areas, Your challenges arrive only in your weak areas and will be repeated till you have learned what you needed to.

The challenges in this during this phase are mostly intangible where it’s all subtle feelings and the only feedback loop is can be heard in intense silence and during solitude.

The source of all creation is pure consciousness . . . pure potentiality seeking expression from the unmanifest to the manifest.

And when we realize that our true Self is one of pure potentiality, we align with the power that manifests everything in the universe.

In the beginning, There was neither existence nor non-existence, All this world was unmanifest energy . . .

The One breathed, without breath, by Its own power Nothing else was there .”. .

– Hymn of Creation, The Rig Veda

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