My affair with Couches

They started long ago. when I joined Delhi University and was waiting to find decent accommodation on campus. In the meantime, a friend of my father offered me his office to sleep in when I didn’t want to travel a long distance home.

I would be so tired after the hectic day on the university campus, that I would just arrive there in the middle of the night, and then fall off to sleep with my jeans still on. I would wake up early morning and would be ready to be back to the university library to get the daily newspapers before the classes started at 8 AM. This schedule stayed with me for a few weeks till I found a spot in the International Students House on campus. A brand new hostel with 98 rooms, a lovely garden with a canteen, and a playground for football. All that was very well but were narrow single ones, almost like the couches. Those years spent in the hostel prepared me for couch sleeping which was to become my chosen form of rest.

Lately, I read somewhere, that Elon Musk is into that lifestyle too. I immediately could relate to the concept, like one dress code, that one dress I practiced for many years before Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs made it famous. Lifestyle choices are more of needs of the moment or convenience, and they really don’t have to be one size fits all.

Though a friend tried to convince me, why it is not good for my health, to that my answer was “As long as one it gets a good night’s sleep, it shouldn’t matter where you sleep”

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