Open letter to “Survival”

Dear Survival, if you were a human I would love and hate you at the same time.

Love you because you are pro-life and will fight the odds. The desire to survive against all odds makes me the human being I am, on this planet. You kick in some of the most creative solutions to monstrous problems, like in the story of David and Goliath. You have inspired some of the most amazing inventions in medicine and surgical procedures in the world, besides coming up with research findings on health and longevity. You also push me to create whatever will make this life more compelling and worthwhile.

Hate you because of the fears that you try and instill in my heart, by threatening me with pain and extinction. But let me tell you, my for my spirit you don’t exist, because the spirit knows that it was not created to live for a few brief years and then disappear into oblivion. My spirit belongs to the universe while you inhabit the little planet called earth. Just like its caterpillars and butterflies. Forever changing, shifting like the sands with time.

You are also responsible for the selfishness and greed of human beings. where who value the survival of their own kind over the others and will kill and destroy the others. You chew on the huge resources of the world for building the weapons of the war and indulge in conspiracies to ensure your own survival while you obliterate all your marked enemies.

You need to be disciplined and reminded of a fundamental lesson that has been sent to you for many thousands of years of evolution. Then survival of the human species is possible, only if they learn to love one another. Or they will all perish while ensuring their individual survival, by fighting one another.

Art Noor
Art Noor
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