Chasing that Big Idea?

All ideas are born small. There is nothing like BIG IDEA. They become big, by building on the small idea that just happened to have popped in from anywhere.

It is said about Federal Express Courier Company that it was a BIG idea and hence was born big with all the finance or structure gathered to make it happen.

That is reality and one can’t argue with that. The college student, who had that idea, was born small in his mind. It was a simple line ‘the fast delivery system for businesses”. He created a big plan around this small idea and discussed it with his professor. Then the idea became bigger and they approached the financial sector and with their support, it became still bigger. We see the giant Federal Express with fantastic delivery resources at their disposal, and we might say, it was a big idea, forgetting that it was just a small one-line idea, that was worked on to make it big.

The same was the story of Nike and countless others, who made a small beginning, with a small idea and then became big.

Art Noor
Art Noor
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