Get the HIPPO Attitude

Highly Inspirational Perspiration with Persistent Optimism

The formula and the process are simple. You get some inspiration while taking shower. You then perspire in the day to take a few steps to test it in a dry run.

By the next day, you are disillusioned because you couldn’t find that perfect domain name on Godaddy.  You decide to persist and not abandon the idea persist some more. The next day further disillusioned you perspire some more to get it out of your system. Finally, on the seventh day, the idea is germinated in the shape of a cologne brand that you will launch in the future called HIPPO .. High Inspiration Perspiration Persistence Optimism   The tag line is – The sweet smell of success. Your brand will have a wet Hippo for the logo and will be shot in Africa riding an elephant and chasing the Hippo. The Hippo runs away .. and wins.  The voice-over says .. “He who runs away survives to fight the other day. Be a Hippo… forever smelly, forever fighting”

These three words sound similar and have a common thread around them. They all describe a human condition towards some goal or end result.

Inspiration has Spirit

Perspiration has Sweat

Persistence has Insist

Because. The word “Persistence” has “perspiration” hiding in it, and possibly inspired the phrase “Success is 1% inspiration and 99 % perspiration. I would modify it to 99% Persistence + 1 % Perspiration, to adjust for the air-conditioned environments. 

Art Noor
Art Noor
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