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Over the years, I have met many people with loads of talent, who shared with me the secrets of their inner call. Some wanted to make movies while others wanted to write books or become artists. They couldn’t because of the bridge they couldn’t build to get to where they were to their dream or destination.

Why does that happen? Why do some people manage to transcend the barriers and reach but others don’t get started or abandon their journey midway?

I asked this question many times myself and tried to search for answers over the years. There are many answers to this and probably all of them are correct depending on the person or the unique situation they are in. However, here’ is the list of Catalysts Of Manifestation, which I believe in.

  1. The first Catalyst of Manifestation is Faith – Scientifically you can define faith or take a nutritional supplement to enhance it. It also doesn’t dwell in the mind, because it defies logic and tangible proof of whatever one had faith in. Belief in yourself or the Creator, or whatever is a catalyst to developing the mental muscle of “Will” in the mind.  There are famous saying about this “When you believe it, you shall see it” or “The reality is created twice, first in the mind, later in reality”.

Thousands of books have been written about this subject, but we need to practice and work on our faith, to keep it strong, like any aspect of our lives

  • The Second Catalyst of Manifestation is Action- We all know, that nothing is really accomplished without action and movement. This whole universe is in perpetual action which is expanding along with everything even at the subatomic level. So not taking action towards the desired result is the most important step after the decision subsequent to the call. That first action need not be a giant step and can be as small as making a phone call or sending a mail. Or even just writing down the broad outline of the vision on a simple piece of paper, outlining the goals and steps to be taken to achieve them.
  • The Third Catalyst of Manifestation is Persistence – One action or step is not enough. Sometimes even thousands of steps or trials don’t get deliver the result that you are seeking. The famous story of Edison inventing the light bulb, where he failed ten thousand times before getting succeeding is a great reminder of that.  His view of the failures was “I didn’t fail ten thousand times. Every time I succeeded in finding out how bulb couldn’t be made. A friend of mine has the quote “ Success is going failure to failure without losing enthusiasm” as her Whatsapp status, and it ensures her pursuing the difficult goal of making large business transactions.  A salesman devised a great formula to handle rejection. He made a thousand dollars on every sale he made and calculated that he is rejected an average of 100 times before he makes a sale. So he thought how about if I take every rejection by paying me 10 dollars. This thinking transformed his attitude toward rejection and he doubled his rejection rate and tripled his sales rate – because of the improved attitude.
  • The Fourth Catalyst of Manifestation is Gratitude – A grateful heart connects to the field of all possibilities, where all the abundance resides. Gratitude doesn’t mean to be thankful just in words or for a few moments as a show of courtesy. It’s the attitude, which involves your whole being. When you are in an attitude of gratitude, you perceive the roadblocks as opportunities to find a way around or a better route. You are thankful for those hindrances because everything is placed to either test your resolve or as prompt to find solutions. You must the thankful in any case, even if the manifestation is delayed or not up to your satisfaction.
  • The fifth Catalyst of Manifestation is Surrender –  It might sound strange that the feeling of “Surrender” will be able to contribute to the process of manifestation. There is a well-known proverb “Man proposes God disposes of”, which had been tested millions of times and has proved to be true ever since humankind has started to walk this planet.  There are so many factors in any reality to manifest and even if a small one changes, it prevents the equation to create the desired answer. Many times. It may not happen because something else was in the scheme of things. Like in the story of Edison, if Nikola Tesla had discovered the bulb before he did, then his ten thousand failures would become real failures since he wouldn’t have been able to get the idea patented. Surrender is a much-needed component of the human psyche to insulate from misconceptions of being Godlike. Time and again we are shown the law of unintended consequences to remind us, who is in control.
  • The Sixth Catalyst of Manifestation is Detachment – Humanity has strived for centuries to accomplish much and succeeded to some extent.  Mighty Emperors have come and gone and their dynasties have disappeared from this planet. Even a small virus, can bring humanity to a grinding halt and forced us to rethink its directions and plans. The detachment from the outcome and situation is strength in the face of fear and uncertainty. To be the same either in prosperity or adversity is a huge accomplishment for human character. This is possible when one is detached from the gains of this life and its losses
  • The Seventh Catalyst of Manifestation is Purpose – This could be the first or the last, it doesn’t matter. Because many times a vision begins with a purpose. at other times it finds a purpose once it manifests. Like Internet didn’t come into being as an information-sharing tool in the world. It began its life as Darpa Net which was a defense network of the US and meant only for it creators to serve the stated purpose. But then it found it usage worldwide and created a whole paradigm globally. There are hundreds of such inventions that evolved to find their purpose. Even the book that I am writing began as a journaling exercise and is now evolving into a book, to be published later this year.
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