The Search for a Purpose

Most of us seek some purpose in our lives, something that will make the troubles and pain worth it. Many of those feel trapped in work that provides a livelihood but no satisfaction. Not being able to find the opportunity to use their talents for something meaningful, they feel unfulfilled.

The Creator nudges us into action in mysterious ways. He can sometimes even use negative feelings such as discontentment and confusion or imbue us with positive emotions like attraction, love, energy and enthusiasm about exploring some new areas in our lives.

Sometimes, we arrive at crossroads, which I call “Decision Dilemmas” and  we find ourselves asking questions like “Where’s my life headed towards”, or “Which road must I take from here”

My personal favorite is the question “Is my ladder leaning against the right wall” because there are too many walls to choose from and you can climb only one at any given point of time. You can’t travel on many roads toward multiple destinations. You must choose your destination and the road that is most suitable to reach it.

While on the road, one may come across roadblocks and then might have to cross the hurdles or take detours. That’s true for most journeys, however, the more prized the destination, the bigger the hurdles and challenges are. Because if it was easy then everyone would easily reach there and it wouldn’t be really outstanding achievement.

Art Noor
Art Noor
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