Fishing for Gold

I noticed a Gold Fish in the Abstract and threw a line to bring it inside the frame, and share it with you 🙂

The Gold fish is supposed to bring good luck and wealth according to Feng Shui and have a lovely presence either in a bowl or aquarium. I used to have them in an aquarium and could sit and watch them swim around with so much fanfare and style.

There are some amazing goldfish facts that are not commonly known by most.

First of which is that the Goldfish can recognize people’s faces, shapes, colors, and sounds.

Goldfish have a memory span of three months and can grow to up to one foot given the size of the aquarium and other conditions (Mine grew to almost 6 inches)

Goldfish don’t have stomachs, that’s why they poop a lot and an aquarium needs a water cleaner working often if you have a few of them.

They have been kept as pets for two millenniums and can see more colors than humans can.

They can keep changing colors depending on the light.

Goldfish are omnivores and will eat plants, insects, and sometimes even other small fish! 

You must not touch a goldfish for it endangers their health.  They can’t urinate or close their eyes but can survive in very cold waters.

The Koi variety of Goldfish is particularly considered lucky and is associated with abundance. French Artist Henry Matisse (one of my favorites) painted a series of goldfish paintings, inspired by the goldfish in the bowls, which he saw during his visit to Morocco.

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