3 years at WTC Abu Dhabi

For those three years that I hung around at my exhibition at the World Trade Center, I was in love with the lovely ambience and the feeling that that architecture created.  I couldn’t stop wandering around admiring the nooks and corners and the play of the light that would come in through the crevices, in the morning. I will share some images, later.

Foster’s architectural style, typically described as high-tech and modernist, employs the innovative use of materials like steel and glass. At the core of the British architect’s practice is a “responsibility framework” that includes principles of sustainable design, with a central focus on visitors’ wellbeing.

Foster + Partners is a global studio for sustainable architecture, urbanism, engineering, and design, founded by Norman Foster in 1967. With offices across the world, the practice works as a single entity that is both ethnically and culturally diverse, with people central to all our endeavors.

Being a fan of their works, I was browsing around for their latest works and came across 81 projects on https://www.archdaily.com/office/foster-plus-partners  Check them out if their work interests You. I love great architecture, both interior and exterior. A project well-designed and well-made is nothing short of an inhabitable sculpture or fine art piece.

They completed another cultural project a museum in China in 2021, which has a pretty interesting architecture and the concept behind it.

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