Unreasonable Reason

Being reasonable is standard operating wisdom, which has its place in our lives. However, for High Achievement centric thinking, the opposite seems to work. High achievement or anything out of the ordinary requires you to extend yourself outside your comfort zone and many times in contradiction to what the world around you would consider reasonable.

When I made a decision to transition to Art as a full-time career, it was a very unreasonable choice for everyone around me. Leaving the advertising industry’s corporate culture and then starting with art at the bottom of the ladder was totally unreasonable and didn’t make any sense whatsoever. It didn’t to me either. But I couldn’t think of doing anything else at that time. I was obsessed to pursue that childhood passion for art and didn’t want to waste more time in life doing something which I had grown out of. Only I knew that because it was all about feelings and not reason.

The reason really had no place in the equation. Only passion was the cause.

Art Noor
Art Noor
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