Artist Aslam Noor, also renowned as Art Noor, is synonymous with the spiritual element that is prominent and characteristic of his very extensive body of work created during the past two decades.

Based in UAE ( Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi ) since 2002. his contemporary paintings have been exhibited via grand solo shows at high-profile locations across the region.

For two consecutive years (2018 & 2019) , Burj Khalifa showcased LED shows created with his paintings over two months and received an overwhelming response from the audience.

Over the past decade, a series of grand solo exhibitions were held in Dubai with his oeuvre, consisting of hundreds of paintings at Grand Venues, like Dubai Mall, World Trade Center, Marina Mall, Nakheel Mall, and Dubai Festival City, and Sofitel The Palm.

Noor began his career in the eighties in advertising and then moved to technology with the advent of dot-com in the mid-nineties. He founded dozens of dot-com projects. and then transitioned to being a full-time Multidisciplinary artist as the 21st century began.

Above: Aslam (Art) Noor with the LED show designed by him with his paintings, for the months of Ramadan in 2018 & 2019
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