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Unreasonable Reason

Being reasonable is standard operating wisdom, which has its place in our lives. However, for High Achievement centric thinking, the opposite seems to work. High achievement or anything out of the ordinary requires you to extend yourself outside your comfort…

3 years at WTC Abu Dhabi

For those three years that I hung around at my exhibition at the World Trade Center, I was in love with the lovely ambience and the feeling that that architecture created.  I couldn’t stop wandering around admiring the nooks and…

Being the Brush & Paint

“On the path of Love, we are neither masters nor the owners of our lives. We are only a brush in the hand of Master Painter.” I love this verse by Maulana Rumi because it beautifully clarifies the ultimate source…

Why be an Artist?

Why does society not encourage the profession of an artist? What’s the core issue? Why is it frowned upon traditionally speaking? These are tough questions that need to be answered. The very simplistic answer to this very deep-sounding question is…

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