The Inner Calling

“I feel like a soul seeking my purpose. You may term it as the Inner calling if that’s the term you like.  I have been around and practiced creative pursuits for few decades in various disciplines, and practiced those, ever since I was about 10 years old.

Yes, I was creatively inclined without any prompting in my family. Forever trying to make things and finding books or any scraps of information that I could find even on the paper bags that were made of recycled magazines and used by the grocery stores to pack the daily bread and eggs.

This love for magazines and reading took me to the advertising profession, via a book called “The Hidden Persuaders”. Then the love for paintings took me to visit museums and galleries internationally. Now I paint for the same reason, to discover what lies within me.

Lately, I have been writing as well, to give words to a lot of thoughts that float in my head. And if that makes me an author then I will be guilty of committing that crime too.”

Another very important factor that plays a big role in the process is both your subconscious and super conscious. Both are invisible and beyond our conscious awareness, but are constantly interacting with your conscious to guide us and help us in making the right choices if we learn to tune into them.

Once we are tuned in, then inner calling becomes a daily ritual. a kind of conversation with your higher self.

Art Noor
Art Noor
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